Saturday, March 12, 2011

Understanding People

I'd like to understand those who "have" more than I do. But right now it appears difficult for me to comprehend how those who "have money" have any right to stifle progress. It sure appears to be the case many times over from things that I have witnessed or experienced over the past 20 years. It's been especially troubling that some of the people I have come to know personally who have a few hundred thousand dollars or millions in their bank accounts --- well, the troubling part is how lazy they have become because they have the money. It's something different from having the leisure time to go places --- THAT I totally understand. When you have the money, take extra vacations, see the world and do things that you could not afford to do when you didn't have the money. See, that is how many of us in the world know someone has it made --- when you can see their faces have fewer brows of worry and more smiles come out of the person or persons. No --- what I do not understand is when someone has money just WHY do they not put it back into the community somehow and somewhere.

First off, I'll point out that some people I know who have saved up money and gone from being one of the less-fortunate to the well-off honestly do a LOT of major work for the surrounding community. It's not those people I am concerned about or griping about. Those are the great treasures of our lives because they have found ways of giving well beyond what they thought was possible in their lifetime.

It is the lazy ones that confound me. They can give of themselves monetarily and physically, but somehow don't do either. Investing can be something they can do selfishly, but do not find other avenues appealing enough to donate money, time, talents to causes that would benefit from their just showing up.

And that, is where it goes from here. Just showing up.

When someone shows up for an event, a meeting, to put themselves into the heart of a matter than can be made better for just their physical existence --- the results are almost instant, even if they only stay around for a few minutes. There is an impact in much the same way as you see the waves running away from the pebble in the calm lake. It takes movement to make movement --- and once in awhile I'd like to see those who can move the world with just a little money and/or time actually DO that.

In our area, I won't point out one of the people who sits and does nothing or does very little with their money and their talent. I'll just ask you to look and see if they are near you. And if they are, would you consider prodding them do help out with...well...anything that can be done to make this a better world...would ya?

On the other hand, I want to say "thank you very much" for all of the people who volunteer to take on extra tasks and live through headaches, nightmares, and backbreaking work to make the surrounding area a better place to live and work and play.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for showing up.

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