Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When You See It Coming

I posted this to my Facebook page first --- but if I could have, it would have been simultaneously.

Sure, we all have ideas. Many times over you'll find that what you think is new --- is really an idea that is shared with others.

The Spectrum Entertainment Group met last night in downtown Alton IL. I was invited to attend the meeting and came away with nothing but positive vibes. The Spectrum Entertainment Group will be putting on shows in Alton and the Riverbend area. It's already made up of people who not only know the entertainment industry, but who have worked in the technical, performance, and other aspects of what is commonly referred to as "entertainment". It is very apparent to me that the group has some easily attainable - yet, lofty - goals set before them, including several I wholeheartedly believe can be done over the next months.

In a matter of speaking, the title of this note is because --- tooting my own horn here --- I could see this coming when I moved to Alton permanently. I've always been part of the Alton/Riverbend area because of my family --- now I not only reside here, but work here. And when I started coming to the local events last year, I could see something big was about to take place, due in large part to the completion of the beautiful Riverfront Amphitheater along the Mississippi River in downtown Alton. It was when I took my first walk around that amphitheater and in the Riverfront Park area that I came to realize that this was not going to be kept a secret: Alton was about to become a destination for more than tourists. I could easily see the entire area, amphitheater, downtown Alton (you HAVE to see how beautiful it looks at night when you go for a stroll --- sure, there are some things which still need to be fixed up, but when those are "going", this will be as wonderful as any city in the world), and up and down the Riverbend - Grafton, Godfrey, Bethalto, Wood River, East Alton, Fosterburg, Cottage Hills, Rosewood Heights, etc. - there will be plenty of places where musicians and singers and comedians and stage acts and performers come to display their talents. And (what's more is that) it is all readily accessed due to the various modes of transportation --- train, plane, boat, and vehicular traffic all have easy access to Alton and the Riverbend.

Now, the Spectrum Entertainment Group exists. From a few phone calls, emails, and personal discussions which started in April 2010, has come a group with the power to produce and promote shows at the venues in the area. With the existence of several businesses which hire bands and other acts already in place, this group foresees the Riverbend in almost an identical way to what I had envisioned before I knew anything about them: this area can soon be an entertainment centerpiece for the nation and world.

Already, there are discussions with venues, venue operators, bands, and the media taking place to ensure that this is not something left as a discussion group. This is already happening, folks. If you don't jump in now, you'll miss the early days of something that will change the world of entertainment.

There's more which is positive: this group wants to produce and promote a WIDE RANGE of artists. They plan to do work with and for non-profit groups as part of their community outreach. This is not a bunch of "me, me, me" people --- this is a group that believes in "we all have opportunities to see the benefits" of such an operation. They are expecting slow, reasonable growth through partnerships, not expecting the entire world to come in an instant --- but expecting to realize such potential over a relatively short period of time. Additionally on the plus side is finding out that SEG is looking to hire the locals for large events at Riverfront Amphitheater, and is looking for the community to tell them what they would like to see (performers) and where. It is a feedback-oriented group who are genuinely looking for the input from the average person. They ENCOURAGE emails and comments - not blow off the idea of communications. I believe this separates them from others and shows class and style.

Addtionally, although there are no new hotels and motels YET, the city of Alton is working toward the goal of having at least one developed soon along the downtown and riverfront area. This doesn't even take into consideration the bed and breakfast community in the greater Alton area, the existing hotels, or the nearby lodging at places like Pere Marquette Lodge or the dozens of places available along the rivers and across the region of Alton and St. Louis.

For those who are wanting to know more, contact the Spectrum Entertainment Group through their webpage on FACEBOOK:

http:// www.facebook.com/spectrumentertainmentgroup

--- or email them at: spectrumentgroup@gmail.com

This is interesting to note: this group is coming up on an occasion where it will be announcing the first in a set of concerts and/or performances in the area. But they are also looking for corporate sponsors to enable them to help promote the expected growth of the names involved in the concerts. If you are a Riverbend area sponsor - even a potential sponsor - you should think seriously about contacting Spectrum Entertainment Group about becoming a corporate sponsor.

I'm already planning to help spread the word, and can easily see the newly-formed Spectrum Entertainment Group will be beneficial to the region.

If I had not already told so many people that I could see this coming, I think I'd be called a bandwagon jumper-on-er (or something like that) --- but I know many of my friends have been not only reading my posts but also coming to visit the Riverfront Amphitheater and downtown Alton, so I don't worry about the potential name-calling.

When you see it coming --- you stand up and say something. Consider this: I'm telling you...