Friday, March 25, 2011

All the Ragin

I should have posted an update long ago on this subject. It's good news. Despite a business split between the owners of the Ragin Cajun Piano Bar in downtown Alton, it survived and reopened and is doing well. Aaron Agne and Chris Keidel had a good thing going when they opened it, and it continues under sole-ownership of Agne.

If you get a chance to see the great entertainment inside, don't just take a seat and drink. Eat some of the food, as it is a restaurant with a bar and entertainment.

Last time I checked, it still served the best fried pickles in southwest Illinois. Just so you know, I don't generally like dill pickles --- but my opinion is that these are worthwhile, with a hint of spice, the right amount of grease (hey, it's FRIED), and a flavorful dipping sauce that is enjoyable.


Meanwhile, those who got used to seeing Chris Keidel at Ragin Cajun don't have far to go if they want to visit with him. He has been relocated to the Big Muddy Pub around the corner from Ragin Cajun, where he tends bar or watches the door and holds court with the patrons and passers-by that stop in for a beverage. Chris and I have had some great conversations over ICED TEA (it's really good and fresh-brewed in the Big Muddy) since he left the Cajun.


Okay and one more item to report:

The Riverbend is the "3D Entertainment Capitol of the World"
The Riverbend is the "3D Entertainment Capital of the World"
Those are copyright 2010-2011 by buzzmusicmedia, and SM servicemark by buzzmusicmedia, and trademarked by buzzmusicmedia.

Just in case someone wants to try to claim my "3D Entertainment Capitol of the World" --- I want all to know that I started using this moniker in the spring and summer of 2010.

Others who want to use this may face a potential, don't steal what is someone else's. In this case, don't steal what I created. I don't claim to be overly creative --- but this one is something I will not relinquish without a monetary transaction.

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