Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RiverBend Buzz

Here we are...meeting at the crossroads, or if you prefer, the cross-waters of the Riverbend area where the Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers come together.

This Riverbend is where hearty Americans come to stay for a four-season-long ride for decades. The seasons each have a distinctive flavor and feel, giving us opportunities and sometimes forcing us to change our mindsets and our lives.

This Riverbend is where the issues come up almost any time of year: waters rising and falling; railroad crossings being both beneficial and dangerous --- if proper cautions are not followed.

It's going to be an "understanding" we quickly come into on this blog. It starts with a few notions and ideas from friends, neighbors, relatives, politicians, pastors, and people in general, and we hope it will simply continue as long as the Riverbend exists.

Friends --- and I hope that is what we will be --- I encourage you to voice your opinions, give us points to consider, and THINK!

Thanks for stopping here, even if only for a moment now and then.

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