Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things Are Moving Forward: Entertainment

I posted about the Spectrum Entertainment Group in June. Since then the group has begun producing a concert series, starting with events at the upper ballroom at the Alton Eagles Club, 424 E. Broadway in Alton.

They produced Boom! and Boom! II --- featuring (a bit obviously) Boom, a St. Louis band known for its many years in the club Kicks at the Marriott West. Two weekends of crowds showed that there is something to be showcased.

Now it's a series called "Swingin' on Broadway" - again at the Alton Eagles Club. First two weeks featuring swing dance lessons and time to get out and dance. On August 22, the concert will feature "Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers" - who have a pretty good reputation among the music circle followers in the region.

I'm posting the latest poster for this Sunday night's event featuring "The Swing Kid" and his lessons.

I am so excited because now there is even more proof that "The 3D Entertainment Capitol of the World" is Alton, Illinois (and the Riverbend in general).

There are other things planned and I will post that information as I can. Also, you can see what Spectrum Entertainment Group has planned at

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